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3 Tips to Prevent Moss During Wet Winter Months

Jan 31, 2020General, Lawn maintenance

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve reached the wettest- and often coldest – days of the year. While other parts of the country are battling snow or even droughts, your lawn may be slowly losing the battle against grass’s damp-loving enemy: moss. But don’t despair! Here are 3 foolproof tips we recommend to prevent moss during these wet winter months.

3 Tips to Prevent Moss During Wet Winter Months

1. Identify the Cause

Moss thrives in damp, cool environments, but there are some specific factors that can increase your risk of being overtaken by moss.Take a look at your landscaping: are there areas with poor drainage? Lots of shade? Not enough nutrients? Once you identify the underlying cause, it’s much easier to make sure that whatever moss you remove doesn’t come back.

2. Remove Existing Moss

This may sound daunting, but it is actually quite simple. Moss is shallow-rooted and tends to come out easily using a rake or electric scarifier. In general, it’s best to apply an herbicide immediately after removing moss – you can find both chemical and organic options, or make your own using baking soda or dish soap.

3. Prevent Moss from Returning

After your hard work to remove all that moss, it’s critical to address the underlying causes. If there are areas in your landscaping that receive less than 3 hours of sunlight per day, consider pruning trees or large shrubs to allow a bit more light in. Regularly aerating, fertilizing, and re-seeding your lawn will allow the grass to grow thick and healthy, which also makes your landscape less susceptible to moss. Make plans to improve the drainage in problem areas by preventing pooling and soil compaction. 

We recognize that some of these causes, such as improving drainage and regular aeration, can be daunting tasks for the average home or business owner. If your landscaping feels overrun by moss and you don’t know where to start, our Professional Lawn Care team is here to help!

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