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A Landscaping Calendar for the New Year

Jan 4, 2021General, Lawn maintenance

The new year is here, and it’s time to start making those resolutions! This year, why not put some extra thought into planning out your monthly landscaping needs? To get you started, we’ve created this helpful calendar. Take a look and start envisioning all the potential your landscaping holds.

A Landscaping Calendar for the New Year


  • Avoid walking on soggy or frozen grass.

  • Mowing is not necessary yet.

  • Now is a perfect time to plan your landscaping projects for the year ahead!



  • Correct drainage where necessary or replant those areas with more suitable groundcovers to avoid puddles of standing water.

  • Trim back perennials that were left over the winter.



  • Aerate and dig out or spot-treat perennial weeds.

  • When your lawn is no longer water-logged, mow to a height of around 2 inches.

  • Start weeding!



  • Rake and overseed bare spots (or plant new lawn) if it’s not excessively wet or cold.

  • Remember not to remove more than one-third of the lawn’s height at any given time.

  • Keep weeding.



  • Fertilize; make sure your irrigation systems are working properly and begin to irrigate if necessary.

  • Try to maintain a lawn height of around 2 inches.

  • Dig out dandelions to prevent seeding.



  • Water 2-3 times per week, even in hot conditions.

  • Prune early spring bloomers such as magnolias, dogwood, and pear.

  • Keep weeding.



  • Water deeply per week, or allow lawn to go dormant by watering just once a month.

  • Avoid fertilizing in hot, dry weather.

  • Check landscaping for weeds and pests.



  • Survey the lawn, planning which areas need fall renovation.

  • Keep weeding.



  • When rains begin, fertilize again.

  • Rake and overseed bare spots, and began using leaves as compost.



  • Aerate.

  • Winterize irrigation systems.

  • Keep weeding.



  • Trim back perennials that do not have winter interest.

  • Make sure any delicate plants are winterized properly.



  • Add some festive holiday touches, and congratulate yourself on a beautiful landscape all year-round!


If just looking over this list makes your head swim, don’t worry – Mountain View Landscaping is here to help! We know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by that to-do list, which is why we started our Maintenance Plan.

We offer affordable residential maintenance plans with weekly or monthly visits, customized to your unique yard. Many landscape companies charge extra for winter work, but our maintenance contracts provide you with year-round yard care so your yard is in the best possible shape for every season.

Contact us to get started today!


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