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3 Ways Autumn Leaves Can Bring New Life to Your Landscaping

Sep 23, 2019General

Autumn is finally here – and with it will come more leaves than you probably know what to do with. Before you dump them on the curbside for pickup, here are 3 ways those autumn leaves can bring new life to your landscaping.

3 Ways Autumn Leaves Can Bring New Life to Your Landscaping

1. Use shredded leaves as mulch

Fallen leaves are still packed with minerals such as nitrogen, and once composted will add phosphorus and potassium to the soil. For this reason, they make a wonderful mulch to boost your landscape’s health over the winter. However, make sure you shred the leaves first to prevent soggy mats of leaves from building up. Shred the leaves by mowing over them once or twice, then use them as mulch around your landscaping.

Tip: Walnut, eucalyptus and camphor laurel leaves contain substances that inhibit plant growth. It’s best to compost these leaves before using them in your garden.

2. Insulate tender plants

A six-inch blanket of shredded leaves also protects delicate plants from the winter wind and chill. Again, make sure to shred leaves first to create a fluffy, air-filled layer rather than a wet, matted one. 

Tip: Using a shade net or some stakes and burlap, you can even use leaves to provide a snug, protective covering around the base of roses and small trees.

3. Compost to use all year round!

To make a “leaf mold,” rake the shredded leaves into a pile and let it sit all winter. Done! Leaf mold is high in calcium and magnesium, and retains three to five times its weight in water—rivaling peat moss.

Tip: Leaf mulch tends to decompose more quickly in the early to mid-fall, while the temperature is still warmer.

Another tip: With the hours of daylight fading, Autumn can be a tough time to fit in some extra landscape work. So if you’re looking to bring new life to your landscaping but just can’t find the time, we are here to help!

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