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Why Choose Irrigation?

Aug 10, 2015Landscape Irrigation

Water is a crucial part of a thriving landscape, especially during hot dry summers like this one. But there is more to watering than just going out with the hose or turning on an old sprinkler. Make the most out of your landscape investment with an expert irrigation system.

Sprinkler Systems:

Save Money: While an irrigation system does have an upfront cost, an efficient system will save you money in the long run. Money that might currently be wasted on watering the driveway or soaking the lawn when it’s been raining. Or how about money wasted on plants that dry up and die when you go on vacation? A smart, timed system will take care of your plants and only water them when they need it. Over time, these savings add up.

Save Time: Who has time to stand out there with the garden hose every couple of days? The Northern Oregon area is in the midst of a very dry year and plants need more water than ever until the rain returns in the fall (we hope). A sprinkler system can take care of your plants without the daily grind of standing outside with the sprayer in hand.

Increase Plant Health: A well-programmed smart sprinkler system will give your plants the water they need- when they need it! Regardless of busy lives, forgetful brains or prolonged vacations, your plants will thrive. Your landscape investment — your beautiful yard — is safe with an irrigation system.

Protect the Environment: Our water is becoming more and more precious. While we sincerely hope that we do not fall into a drought like our friends down in California, it’s a good idea to preserve our resources before they become too scarce. Irrigation saves water and helps to protect our watershed and all the creatures living there.

Consider installing an irrigation system in your landscape. The experts at Mountain View can help! We install, repair and test all types of irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties in Gresham, Troutdale, Sandy, Damascus, Fairview, Welches, Estacada and Boring.

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