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Tips For Creating An Epic Outdoor Kitchen

Apr 7, 2017Landscape Enhancements

Tips For Creating An Epic Outdoor Kitchen

The “outdoor kitchen” is an incredibly hot trend right now. That’s probably because guests at any spring/summer event will immediately flock to the backyard. Families and couples are also seeking to escape from it all and “staycation” in their very own outdoor living space. (Not quite sure what “staycationing” is? Read our blog about it here).

An outdoor kitchen is a critical part of this type of relaxation. This modern convenience allows you to cook, refrigerate, grill, and marinate right in the middle of the action, ensuring you never miss an important conversation or a valuable moment. Plus, an outdoor kitchen prevents tedious trips in and out of the house to get cooking supplies and food, since everything you need is already outdoors.

Better yet, you can customize the look and feel of your cooking area to fit the natural aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Whether you prefer a modern, contemporary style or a classic, chic look you can create the perfect outdoor kitchen to match your personality and style.

Building your own outdoor kitchen takes a great amount of skill, vision, precision and accuracy in order for it to be both functional and professional. It’s our job here at Mountain View Landscapes to help your staycation become a complete success. That’s why we want to offer you these…

Tips For Creating An Epic Outdoor Kitchen

  • Explore Your Options: The first step in creating any outdoor kitchen is to decide which look and feel you’re going for. By first selecting a theme or overall look, this will help you decide what materials to use, as well as what the general layout of the cooking space will look like.
  • Choose Your Must-Haves: Select which appliances you’ll want and need in your outdoor kitchen. One of the best ways to start is to evaluate which appliances you use most often in your kitchen already (i.e: microwave, oven, sinks, cabinetry, refrigerator, etc.). If you use these appliances consistently in the home, chances are you’ll need them while hosting outside as well.
  • Select Your Guilty Pleasures: If you’re hosting guests outdoors, chances are you’ll want to show off a bit with some fancy new gadgets. Appliances such as built-in beverage chillers, grills, fryers, smokers, and pizza ovens are not only crowd-pleasers, but also seamlessly fit into the comfort and style of your staycation experience.
  • Don’t Forget Functionality: The appliances in your outdoor kitchen are only as good as their functionality. That’s why it’s crucial to not forget about adding expertly installed ventilation, plumbing, gas, and electrical work to keep your devices up and running.
  • Choose Your Materials Carefully: With so many materials available for your outdoor kitchen’s aesthetics (such as granite, stacked stone, paving stones, wood, etc.) it can be hard to choose! Select materials that will highlight the natural features of your outdoor living space, and that are durable enough to withstand the elements if an unexpected storm rolls in. Also consider stainless steel appliances; these create a beautiful, finished look that will withstand the smudging and scratches that other surface areas won’t.
    When executed effectively, an outdoor kitchen can become an incredible asset to your home. Not only will this cooking space allow you to sauté, grill and entertain right in the middle of the action, but it will also create a relaxed, care-free ambiance your guests are sure to love.

    Although creating an outdoor kitchen is a ton of fun, it also requires a great deal of planning, specificity, accuracy and skill in order for it to look as beautiful as you expect. That’s why our Mountain View Landscapes team is here to help. We help you customize the look and feel of your outdoor cooking space to provide the exact entertaining space you’re looking for – all while staying within your budget.

    Contact us today, and we’ll help you create the customized outdoor kitchen space of your dreams.


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