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Creating The Perfect Paver Patios For Summer Hosting

Feb 13, 2017Landscape Enhancements

Creating The Perfect Paver Patios For Summer Hosting

Paver patios are quickly increasing in popularity thanks to their beautiful appearance, versatility in design, and low-maintenance appeal. Not only does this gorgeous flooring help enhance the look and feel of your backyard and create a cozy outdoor living space for friends and family to enjoy, but the look and feel can be maintained without the stress of continuously staining or sealing it (a big plus).

With spring and summer right around the corner, families, couples and individuals are itching to create the perfect outdoor paver patio for their next “staycation” (Not sure what a “staycation” is? Check out our blog about it here).

However, paver patios require lots of patience, precision, and accuracy in order to make them look their best; that’s why Mountain View Landscapes wants to give you some helpful tips on…

Creating The Perfect Paver Patios For Summer Hosting

  • Weed-Free Is The Way To Be: Part of the beauty of paver patios is that they cover up the existing weeds underneath. Prevent them from creeping through the cracks by laying a barrier between the ground and the pavers.
  • Make Way For Drainage: Although a flat patio is important for appeal and functionality, it’s important that the ground slopes enough to allow water runoff to travel toward a current drainage area, or to a space that can deal with the extra moisture.
  • Keep Your Lines Straight: Using multiple pavers, edging, or other materials can help keep the borders of your paver patio straight. This not only keeps your patio looking clean and neat, but it also helps prevent movement of the paving stones.
  • Use Colors That Work For You: Paving stones will often contain slightly contrasting hues, so it’s best to use this to your advantage. Choose a color that complements the backyard decor and the outside of your home, and then blend the colors together to create a natural, appealing look.
    Although paver patios are a beautiful, modern way to complement the surroundings of your outdoor living space, they do require quite a bit of work, precision and know-how in order to lay them correctly.

    Thankfully, our Mountain View Landscaping team has 25 years of experience in transforming yards into an outdoor oasis ideal for hosting friends and family. Contact us today to start creating your perfect paver patio for the spring and summer!


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