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How An Expert Irrigation System Helps Your Landscape Flourish

Mar 26, 2018Landscape Irrigation

How An Expert Irrigation System Helps Your Landscape Flourish

Have you installed your expert irrigation system yet? Spring is in the air and warm weather is on its way!

Rainfall is nature’s way of replenishing plants and nourishing soil, allowing your landscape to become lush, green, and beautiful.

Without that rainfall, flowers can wilt and lawns can become brown, brittle, and dry. This not only causes the landscape to look tired and unattractive, but it also prevents plants from gaining the sustenance they need to survive.

Taking a hose out to the yard every couple days (or turning on an old sprinkler) can help. However, there is a much more efficient and effective way to meet your landscape’s needs during the warm spring and summer months.

How An Expert Irrigation System Helps Your Landscape Flourish

Saves Money

Although an efficient sprinkler system will cost money up front, the payoff is well-worth the investment. For instance, hoses and poor irrigation systems can water the driveway rather than the grass, can over-soak the lawn, and can waste lots of unnecessary water.

However, an expert irrigation system is tailored to meet the exact needs of your lawn (such as plant types, weather patterns, climate, and soil texture). The system also ensures your grass does not become “over-watered” by only giving it the exact amount it needs. Thanks to its custom design, the system also ensures your entire landscape’s needs are being met, without wasting any water in the process.

Saves Energy

It can be a major hassle to constantly hand-water the lawn. Plus, with Oregon’s inconsistent weather patterns, it can be difficult to know when to water your plants and how much water to give them.

Thankfully, an expert irrigation system does all the work for you. Its programmable timer ensures the lawn is watered at the exact times it needs it, so the grass never goes dry. This is not only much more efficient for the lawn, but it saves you the guesswork and the energy of having to go outside with the hose. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about coming home to dead plants after a prolonged vacation, as the irrigation system turns on and off automatically.

Helps The Environment

Although Oregon has been fortunate enough to not fall into a drought, it is always a good idea to preserve the water we have before it becomes scarce. Luckily, an expert irrigation system helps conserve water by only giving your lawn the amount of water it needs when it needs it. This ensures that we all do our part in conserving this precious resource.

An expert irrigation system has many benefits that can help your landscape flourish. And, when Mountain View Landscapes designs and installs it, we ensure you’re getting the highest-quality irrigation system available.

Our team of professionals only uses first-rate valves, controllers, and sprinkler heads in our expert irrigation systems. We also tailor your system to your landscape’s specific needs (including weather patterns, climate, soil texture and plant types).

We’ll also install a timer onto your expert irrigation system in order to ensure it works perfectly with your landscape’s needs.

Contact us today to request an expert irrigation system at your commercial or residential property. It’s the best thing you can do for your landscape before the upcoming summer!

NOTE: Already have an irrigation system? Our Mountain View Landscapes team tests and repairs all types of irrigation systems to ensure they’re meeting your lawn’s exact needs. Contact us today to ensure your current irrigation system is doing all it can to help your landscape thrive!


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