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Fall Yard Care Tips

Oct 18, 2016Lawn maintenance

Fall Yard Care Tips

Now that it’s officially fall, it can be tricky to know how to give your plants and flowers the extra boost they need to thrive. Thankfully, our team of experts here at Mountain View Landscapes has some great fall yard care tips that can help you prepare your yard now for the upcoming colder months!

Here are some ways you can keep your plants, lawn and flowers happy and healthy this season:

  • Rake Your Lawn: Although this can seem like a tedious task, raking up leaves is actually a great way to keep your lawn healthy in the fall and winter months. Leaves can prevent your lawn from getting the air and sunlight it needs to survive. Raking these up will not only help your lawn look more beautiful, but it will also help it obtain the nutrition it needs.
  • Winterize Your Lawn: Winterizing fertilizers provide your lawn higher amounts of potassium than other lawn foods, allowing your grass to sustain colder months more easily. Apply these to your lawn to help prepare it for the fall and winter seasons.
  • Pamper Your Warm-Season Grass: Warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda and St. Augustine, tend to brown after the first freeze. However, you can help enhance the beauty of your lawn by overseeding it with a cool-season blend of grasses. Do this 2-4 weeks before the first frost, and your lawn will become greener and thicker.
  • Invest In Groundcover: Another great way to enhance your yard this season is with some gorgeous groundcover. Options such as creeping perennials keep out weeds, but allow water and nutrients through to the soil. They also help protect your topsoil from erosion and drought, and add color and vibrancy to your yard, making it a masterpiece to enjoy all season.
  • Fall is a gorgeous time full of beauty and color – and with some attention your yard can reflect that. Our exceptional landscapers here at Mountain View Landscapes will help you ensure that your lawn is nutritiously fed, protected from the elements and looking its finest during these cooler months.

    We also highly recommend our residential and commercial yard maintenance packages – these will help keep your plants, lawn and flowers looking healthy and vibrant all year ‘round, no matter what the weather is doing!

    Contact us today and we’ll help you keep your yard looking picturesque this season!


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