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Five Perfect Landscaping Projects for the Spring-Summer Transition

Jun 8, 2021General

Although summer doesn’t officially begin until June 20th, this is the time of year when the weather shifts, the daylight lengthens, and the warm summer months really begin to feel close at hand. Starting to wonder what you can do to get ready? We’ve got you covered with these five landscaping projects perfect for the spring-summer transition.

Five Landscaping Projects for the Spring-Summer Transition



Utilize hanging baskets and flowerpots.

One of the quickest ways to add color and life to your landscaping is by planting baskets and flower pots with plants like geranium, petunias, and annual phlox. These brightly-color plants are easy to care for and will keep your landscaping looking lively all summer long.


Get your irrigation system summer-ready.

It’s important to take care of your sprinkler system year round. This includes shutting it down for the winter and starting it back up again in springtime. Each spring, we visit dozens of customers to make sure everything in their irrigation system is in prime condition and up and running again! We perform any necessary repairs, pressurize the system and set up timers. We even do a test run just to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you’d like MountainView to evaluate your irrigation system, give us a call today!


Attract butterflies and other pollinators.

A few well-chosen plants can not only transform the look of your landscaping, but can also transform the ecosystem around it. Planting flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators is key to getting many plants, trees, and shrubs to thrive. Besides, who doesn’t want to do a little butterfly watching now and then? 

Some great plants to use in attracting butterflies are Aster, Calendula, Cosmos, Delphinium, Goldenrod, Lavender, Nasturtium, Marigold, Purple Coneflowers, and Zinnia. 


Start mulching!

Mulching in the spring is key to preventing an eruption of weeds throughout your landscaping. As the weather warms up, it is especially key to mulch in order to retain moisture in the ground. You can buy mulch or use your own wood chips and other organic material.


Set up the perfect outdoor patio.

There’s nothing like a magical summer evening with friends out on the patio. To enjoy your landscaping to the full this summer, think about giving your outdoor space a little TLC. You can check out our article from last fall with tips and tricks for creating the perfect outdoor space. 

When all’s said and done, you have a lot more to worry about this summer season than making sure your landscaping or irrigation is ready to go. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by yet another outdoor project, why not give yourself the gift of Mountain View Landscapes this summer? 

Our goal is to transform your landscape into one of peace and tranquility that you can feel good about bringing friends and family members into. We’ll survey your landscape, and work with you to match your specific style, taste, and budget to a result that wows and amazes you. 

It’s not too late to enjoy your beautiful landscape! Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect setting for your spring-to-summer dreams!


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