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Spring is Coming! Five Things To Do Now.

Feb 27, 2020General

Spring is coming! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we can smell spring in the air long before the calendar officially changes. While spring can be an exciting time for landscapers and gardeners, it can also feel overwhelming to know where to start as everything begins to pick up speed outdoors. Here are five of our recommendations of what to do now – and a few tips for even better results.

Spring is Coming! Five Things to Do Now

1. Plant perennials.

Now is the time to plant a variety of perennials that will bloom all year, from spring to fall. It’s also the time to divide crowded summer and fall blooming perennials (OK, this isn’t exactly planting something new — but your landscaping will thank you for it!). After dividing or planting, make sure they are well-watered.

Tip: Watch maple trees to know when soil is warm enough for planting. When the first leaves start to emerge, soil should be ready for digging and planting.

2. Begin planting spring bulbs, such as gladiola, begonia, lilies, and dahlias.

Most bulbs do best when planted two-and-a-half to three times deeper than they are tall.

Tip: Stagger your plantings by several weeks to have different bulbs gradually blooming throughout the summer.

3. Prune roses

Begin removing old, thin, and unproductive rose canes. Cut back your bush roses to 12-18 inches tall and shrub roses to three feet – thinning out areas that are too thick and tangled.

Tip: Wait to trim back spring-blooming shrubs until after their flowers have faded, so you won’t’ miss out!

4. Weed

Spring is the time when weeds can suddenly take over – so stay on your guard! Consider using natural sprays or solutions like boiling water (if they aren’t near any other plants) to kill the weeds without harming the rest of your landscaping.

Tip: Look for next month’s article for more tips and tricks for getting rid of weeds naturally!

5. Take care of bare or dead spots.

Now is the time to reseed your landscaping if any grassy areas show bare or dead spots.

Tip: If your lawn is visited by lots of hungry critters, you may want to cover over the seeded area with a thin layer of compost or straw to keep it from being eaten.

We know managing your landscape can be a lot of work, not to mention taking care of tree pruning and irrigation concerns. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the love your landscaping needs this spring, why not give us a call?

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