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Four Landscaping Resolutions We Think Everyone Should Make

Dec 27, 2019General

January is just around the corner – and you know what that means. It’s time to set some goals and make resolutions for the new year. Rather than simply falling back on the old, “exercise, drink more water” routine, why not consider making a few goals for your landscaping? Here are four landscaping resolutions we think everyone should make for the new year.

Four Landscaping Resolutions We Think Everyone Should Make

1. I will start thinking about my landscape now, instead of waiting until spring.

Most people don’t start thinking about their landscaping until things have begun to grow again in the spring. By then, it’s much too late to make the kind of long-term investments that make a difference throughout the year. January is when you should start asking yourself: When am I going to aerate, fertilize, and reseed? What new plants would I like to include in my landscaping this year (or what plants are struggling that I should move or replace?). Make a plan and stick to it all year for the amazing results you are looking for.

2. I will conserve water by adding, upgrading and maintaining my irrigation systems.

Irrigation systems not only conserve water, but they can help you manage your landscape affordably as the warm weather approaches in spring and early summer. If you’re going to install or maintain an irrigation system this year, January is the time to begin planning! Contact us for more information on how to keep your landscaping green and healthy all year round!

3. I will stay on top of weeds and learn to manage pests naturally.

In January, everything may seem lifeless- but in just a few months weeds will spring up around your landscaping like…well, weeds. Decide now what systems you will use to manage weeds and pests naturally. Weeds in patios, walkways, and other crevices can be killed with boiling water and then pulled up at the roots, while other pests respond to plant-based insecticides or certain pest-repellant plants. Look for more great ideas coming soon in a future article!

4. I will enjoy my landscaping in every season.

It’s easy for your landscaping to becoming just one more thing on a list of to-dos. Isn’t the whole idea behind all of this work so you can enjoy a beautiful, green and thriving space all year round? Make it a resolution to enjoy the beauty of your landscaping has to offer in every season of 2020.

We hope these resolutions are a helpful starting-point as you think through what you would like for your landscaping in 2020. However, the problem with resolutions is that they are often well-intentioned, but don’t tend to last. If this sounds like you, why not ask for a little help? We’d love to talk with you about your goals and dreams for your landscaping this year, and how we can help you make that a reality. From basic maintenance to irrigation system installation, to personalized design and care, help is only a phone call away. We’re here to make your landscaping dreams come to life!

Contact us today and learn why our customers speak so highly of our results and quality of service.

And Happy New Year!


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