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Get Your Landscape Ready For Spring

Mar 2, 2021General

The weather is warming, the first crocuses are appearing, and spring is right around the corner. Whether or not you’ve been eagerly awaiting the first sign of spring, now is the time to make a plan and get your landscaping ready. Here are the eight most important items we recommend putting at the top of your list. 

Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring

Get your landscape ready for spring with these eight tips:

Inspect your trees and shrubs. Look for any broken or damaged branches and prune them or have them removed by one of our landscaping professionals.

Test your soil. Every few years, it’s a good idea to test your soil to make sure it has the proper pH balance and mix of nutrients. Not sure how to test it? You can ask our landscaping professionals to do it for you.

Control Weeds. Spring is the time when weeds come out again in full force. Read our post from last spring on natural ways to eliminate pests and weeds. 

Rake old leaves and debris from plant beds and create neat, natural edges around the beds using an edging tool.

Re-seed bare patches in your lawn.

Make a plan to aerate and fertilize after the first spring mow. 

Mulch. Add an inch-thick layer of fresh mulch in plant beds and around trees. Mulch not only makes planting areas look neat, but also helps to retain moisture in the soil, keeps roots cool in the summer, and insulates them in the winter. We recommend mulch does not touch tree trunks and never accumulates to more than a 3-inch depth. 

Inspect your irrigation system. When the days are consistently above freezing, turn on your irrigation system and inspect it to see if it is in working condition. (Contact MountainView Landscapes to have an expert do this for you!)

Sometimes it takes more than good intentions to get your landscaping ready for spring. If you find yourself needing professional help to prune trees, test soil, or get that irrigation system up and running, why not give MountainView Landscapes a call? 

We’ll survey your landscape, and work with you to match your specific style, taste, and budget to a result that wows and amazes you. We also offer affordable residential maintenance plans with weekly or monthly visits, customized to your unique yard. Contact us to get started today!


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