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Selecting Material For The Perfect Stone Walkway

Jun 7, 2017Landscape Enhancements

Selecting Material For The Perfect Stone Walkway

A stone walkway can be one of the most beautiful and functional aspects of a landscape. These attractive pathways add a decorative appeal to any area, and can add charm to an otherwise mundane-looking space.

A stone walkway is also unique in its functionality. Each stone allows guests to step gracefully through the landscape without getting their feet wet or dirty. This is also very healthy for the landscape, as it prevents unnecessary treading on the lawn.

These beautiful walkways may appear to be easy to install. However, they can be deceivingly difficult to implement.

Our Mountain View Landscapes team wants to ensure your landscape reflects the passion you put into it. That’s why we want to offer these helpful tips for:

Selecting Material For The Perfect Stone Walkway

Consider The Climate:

Selecting the perfect stone for your walkway isn’t always as easy as it appears. First, you’ll want to consider the climate and ensure the stones will withstand the local humidity and temperatures without cracking or becoming worn down.

Select softer stones like sandstone or limestone for warmer areas that don’t experience below-freezing temperatures. Climates with freezing winters are often best suited for dense stone, such as granite or bluestone.

Don’t Forget The Functionality:

The main function of every stone walkway is to allow guests a dry place to walk. However, you must consider whether these stones will be leading up to the main entrance, or leading around to a garden or side entryway.

If leading up to a main entrance, select large, sturdy, and uniform stones installed tightly together. This will prevent tripping and stumbling in high-traffic areas.

If the stones lead through a garden or to a side entryway, choose stones of various shapes and sizes, placing them further apart. This will add a more quaint and casual appearance to low-traffic walkways.

Be Careful With Color and Style:

When choosing a stone’s color, be sure to consider the appearance and coloring of the surrounding home, buildings, and/or gardens. You’ll want to aim for a cohesive appearance throughout the space.

In addition, consider the style of the material you’re working with, and how it will fit with the style of the landscape. For instance, contemporary materials like concrete or stone offer straight lines, and geometric shapes. Components such as brick (or the combination of brick and stone) can offer a more traditional approach. A rustic look is often complemented by rough and irregular edges and shapes. Choose a style that best fits with your overall landscape.

A well-thought out stone pathway can add an additional level of natural beauty to any landscape. However, many people find the process of safely and securely laying the stones to be a difficult process.

That’s where we come in. Our Mountain View Landscapes team is dedicated to helping your landscape come to life. We have over 25 years of experience in laying stone pathways and implementing other aesthetic features that help your landscape reach its fullest potential. Click here to see a few pictures from our portfolio!

Contact us today, and we’ll help your landscape become more beautiful than you’ve ever dreamed!


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