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Plant a Living Wall

Jun 10, 2015Retaining walls

Expand the green spaces around your home to bring greater satisfaction and beauty. It’s easy to create more lush green areas in your landscape with the addition of a living wall.

Living wall closeup

A living wall is created by filling a classic retaining wall with gorgeous plants. Retaining walls serve multiple functions in a landscape including terracing, preventing erosion and providing boundaries and barriers between spaces. A well-built retaining wall can increase the functionality of a property as well as increase it’s beauty with expert stonework and contrast between living and non-living elements.

However, if you prefer a more natural aesthetic, perhaps a living wall is for you. With a living wall, you get all the functionality and durability of a quality retaining wall. Then you can add lush plants to your wall to bring it to life! Many walls can be built with this function in mind though most can be added later to good effect.

Choosing Your Plants

Choose plants that will do well in this environment. Many succulents grow well with very little soil and look at home amongst the stones. Mosses and creeping ground covers are also a natural choice for a woodsy feel. You might try planting vines, like climbing roses, in front of your wall and letting them entangle amongst the stones for an English garden aesthetic. The creative options are yours for the taking!

Mountain View Landscapes can Help!

Mountain View Landscapes specializes in expert retaining wall construction. We use quality stones and skilled craftsmen to build walls that last longer than a lifetime. Terrace your landscape. Open up new space. And then add gorgeous plants to bring your wall to life.

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