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Intricate Landscape Installation in Alameda

Dec 1, 2014

We had the opportunity to install a very special landscape in the Alameda neighborhood of Northeast Portland near NE Fremont Ave. This installation was in the back and side yard of a very nice home belonging to a record producer.

The homeowners wanted some specialty plants, including a particular bamboo variety, as well as terracing, walls, and pathways. We were delighted to take the job and are very pleased with the results!

We built a multi-angled stone retaining wall in the back corner of the property and added the specialty bamboo and other plantings into fertile soil (that we imported) behind the wall. The stone wall is made of the highest quality materials to ensure a long life for this installation. In the foreground, we also installed beautiful plantings that will enrich the beauty of the backyard over time.

Along the side of the house, we built a nice clean pathway from quality pavers, with landscape plantings on either side. This allows for easy access to the backyard without getting feet muddy or wet. It also gives a clean, sharp look while tying the front and backyard together. On the front side of the house, we also added some specialty plantings including some small trees and shrubs that will mature nicely into a rich, textured landscape.

We are very satisfied with the completion of this fine landscape. And, more importantly, so is the homeowner! It compliments a beautiful home in a lovely NE Portland neighborhood.

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