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Landscape Renovation from Start to Finish

Feb 17, 2015

A beautiful Gresham home gets a new and improved landscape. The homeowners were pleased with the results and so were we! Enjoy this gallery of before/after photos to see the entire process from start to finish!
We removed all the old mossy bricks and as well as the old shrubs and plants. We removed the old lawn and began the process of leveling the ground. We always make sure the soil is graded and level before we build any hardscapes. This will keep the pavers intact for longer.
The team at Mountain View Landscapes finished renovating a lovely fenced backyard. The current landscape had old grass and pathways made of crumbling old bricks. But they had a lovely deck and a big space that they wanted to enjoy. So they called in our team to help.
After removal, we began installing the pavers. We built a beautiful patio on either end of this yard, with paver pathways to connect them. After the pathways and patios were completed, we installed new lawn and brought in new soil to install some beautiful landscape plants that will grow to fill out this beautiful back yard.

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