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NEW Landscaping Design: Front & Backyard Renovation

Sep 1, 2016

Our Mountain View Landscapes team sure made this couple happy with the landscaping design of their newly renovated front and backyard!

We knew that Michelle and Jay had specific ideas of the types of plants, style, and design they were looking for. After making sure we understood their needs, we then went to work creating a relaxing oasis for their backyard, and a beautiful and welcoming front yard.

We started the landscaping design process by completely removing the old grass and weeds in the front yard, and installing new, lush turf in its place. We also laid fresh soil and added new flowers and rocks, as well as completely replaced the original stone wall to give it a picturesque quality.

We then tackled the backyard, removing the old concrete patio and installing a gorgeous new paver patio in its place. We were even able to do all this while saving the pergola that was standing in the middle of it – a huge relief to Jay and Michelle!

We extended the paver patio to the steps outside, and replaced the original steps with paver steps. We also laid fresh sod, soil, and plants around the paver patio to give it a fresh, natural appeal.

Jay and Michelle also had bountiful veggie gardens in the backyard; we made their work easier by installing a new water line for the garden, and drip systems for the garden and pergola flower baskets.

Finally, we added a serene water feature next to the paver patio, and installed a concrete pathway from the front yard to the backyard for guests to enjoy.

Although it took several weeks to complete, the work for this project was well worth it in the end (as you can see from the photos below!).

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