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Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Your Next Staycation

Jan 13, 2017Landscape Enhancements

Many of us have heard of a staycation; these at-home vacations allow you to spend free time with friends and family right in your own backyard. The staycation has become a very popular option for older couples, families with kids, and people that love to entertain, as it gives much-needed time with friends and family without the travel expenses or hassle.

And, if you create a welcoming, comfortable outdoor living space, you’ll have a tranquil area your family and guests will want to relax in for years to come.

Mountain View Landscapes can help transform your own backyard into a comfortable, relaxing oasis with these…

Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Your Next Staycation

  • Outdoor Kitchens: Who says the kitchen has to stay inside? Outdoor kitchens allow you to cook your favorite dishes (and show off your culinary skills), all while remaining in the center of the action. You’ll never miss a conversation or cherished moment again while being surrounded by friends and family.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Comfortable couches and chairs will help set the mood for your outdoor living space, and will give your guests plenty of space to sprawl out.
  • Technology and Lighting: Whether it’s watching the big game on the big screen or playing your favorite relaxing tunes, outdoor technology makes it easy to keep yourself and your guests entertained. Add twinkle lights and LED lighting displays for an extra touch of comfort.
  • Paver Patios & Firepits: Paver patios give your backyard a professional-looking, comforting atmosphere for hosting. And, with a stone firepit in the center, your friends and family will stay warm and cozy all year long.
  • Water Features: Water features like ponds, reflecting pools, and small waterfalls can be relaxing additions to any outdoor living space, and can increase the comfort and tranquility of your staycation.
  • Edible Gardening: Complete the look of your outdoor living space by planting some beautiful, edible berries and herbs for your guests to enjoy. Add some native plants and an irrigation system to help keep your backyard green and lush all year-round.
  • Adding landscaping touches to your backyard will not only enhance the value of your home, but will also provide a comfortable outdoor living space you’ll want to enjoy for years to come.

    We also highly recommend our residential and commercial lawn care packages, which help ensure your plants and lawn thrive the entire year long!

    Our Mountain View Landscaping team will work with you to transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor living space for your friends and family to enjoy. Contact us today to get started!



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