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Three Perfect Outdoor Holiday Solutions

Dec 1, 2020Fire Pits, General

This year many families are considering ways to celebrate the holidays safely, and one great way to do this might just be hosting an outdoor gathering. If you are considering an outdoor holiday gathering this winter, then this article is for you! We think this is a great opportunity to make the most of your landscaping in each of its unique seasons, and create a magical memory that will last a lifetime. Here are three perfect outdoor solutions for you to consider this holiday season: 

Three Perfect Outdoor Holiday Solutions

  1. Create a Fire Pit

This is one of the most wondrous times of the year, and the feature that truly sets the ambiance for this kind of holiday magic is the fire pit. 

As wonderful as fire pits can be, they can also be a bit tricky to build yourself (and it can be a pain to figure out where to start). Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Know Your Local Laws: Some local ordinances may state restrictions when it comes to having an open flame in a residential area. Check your local laws to ensure you’re following all rules and regulations before attempting to build a fire pit.
  • Add Six Feet: Wherever you place your fire pit, make sure that the surrounding six feet around it is clear. This will ensure you leave room for your guests to sit comfortably around the fire.
  • Light The Way: If your fire pit is far away from the patio/deck, it’s a good idea to create a well-lit path leading over to it. This will help guests know where they’re going, and will help prevent any trips or falls along the way.

2. Create the perfect picnic area. 

Who says picnics can only happen in the warm, summer months? A holiday picnic, whether in the day or evening, can be a magical way to celebrate the holidays together. Here are some tips to make the most of your landscaping: 

  • If you don’t have a patio or other dry space available, lay down tarps under festive blankets for a dry place to sit. Bring out some cushions or ask guests to bring their own.
  • Use potted plants or trees, evergreen boughs, and sprigs of holly to create a festive environment.
  • Hang ornaments and lights on bare deciduous trees (tip: make sure to secure them with something like twist-ties to make sure they can withstand any windy weather!)

3. Give the gift of peace of mind. 

When all’s said and done, you have a lot more to worry about this holiday season than making sure your landscaping or fire pit is ready to celebrate. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by yet another outdoor project, why not give yourself the gift of Mountain View Landscapes this holiday season? 

Our goal is to transform your landscape into one of peace and tranquility that you can feel good about bringing friends and family members into. We’ll survey your landscape, and work with you to match your specific style, taste, and budget to a result that wows and amazes you. 

It’s not too late to enjoy your beautiful landscape! Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect setting for your holiday and winter evenings!


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