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Three Perfect Summer Projects for your Landscaping

Jun 2, 2020General, Landscape Enhancements, Patios, Retaining walls

Summer is coming, and maybe you have in mind long, relaxing evenings enjoying the beauty of your landscaping on a patio or deck. There’s no better time to make the most of your property. Here are three summer projects you can do now and enjoy all summer long. 

Build A Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a great and functional way to add to the charm of your property and even make it look and feel larger. With a retaining wall you can turn a sloped lawn into a flatter, more usable space and prevent harmful soil erosion.

Retaining walls can be created with rocks found along your property or stones or pavers purchased at a home and garden store. Check out our article on “Building the Best Retaining Walls” for a full list of tips and tricks before you take this on!

Create A Patio or Pathway

A stone walkway can be one of the most beautiful and functional aspects of a landscape. These attractive pathways add a decorative appeal to any area, and can add charm to an otherwise mundane-looking space.

Likewise, a patio takes your landscaping to a whole new level of functionality, because you now have a central point from which you and guests will be admiring your landscaping. Adding pathways between points of interest on your property is also practical because it will be easier to get around and will add to the overall look of your property. 

These beautiful walkways may appear to be easy to install, but they can be deceivingly difficult to implement, which is why we recommend you read our full guide here before beginning.

Plant a Moon Garden

Moon gardens are a section of your landscaping that is intentionally designed to be enjoyed in the evening and moonlight. These beautiful spaces are perfect for summer, when the days are hot and the cooler evenings are perfect for spending time outdoors. To plant a successful moon garden, there are four types of plants you will want to consider: 

  • Plants with white or silver flowers such as snowdrops, tulis, creeping phlox, rhododendrons, daisies, hydrangeas, and dogwood.
  • Plants with silver-tinged foliage such as artemisia, eucalyptus, japanese painted ferns, lamb’s ear, and lavender. 
  • Night bloomers such as evening primrose, angel’s trumpet, moonflower, night-blooming jasmine, and night phlox or gladiolus.
  • Plants with fragrant blooms such as peonies, bearded iris, roses, sweet autumn clematis, lilacs, and lilies.

It is also very important that you select a site where the plants will actually be exposed to evening light and moonlight, or small amounts or artificial lighting, so it does not look just like any dark garden bed. Don’t be afraid to add other elements to the garden such as reflective gazing balls, strings of lights, or white rocks in beds or walkways to illuminate them in the darkness. A trickling water feature can add peaceful ambiance as well.

A well-thought out stone pathway, patio, retaining wall, or moon garden can add an additional level of natural beauty to any landscape. However, many people find the process of safely and securely laying the stones, designing a garden space, or installing irrigation to be a difficult process.

That’s where we come in. Our Mountain View Landscapes team is dedicated to helping your landscape come to life. We have over 25 years of experience in laying stone pathways and implementing other aesthetic features that help your landscape reach its fullest potential. Click here to see a few pictures from our portfolio!

Contact us today, and we’ll help your landscape become more beautiful than you’ve ever dreamed!



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