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Total Yard Care Package

(503) 542-4000

Total Yard Care Package

(503) 542-4000
Mountain View Landscapes offers affordable residential maintenance plans with weekly or monthly visits, customized to your unique yard. Our expert crew can completely take care of your landscape, from top to bottom! Keep reading to learn more about our services.
Our Total Yard Care package includes the following services:

Mowing and Edging

We always keep our blades sharp to give your lawn that clean, crisp look. Our signature mowing and edging services are always precise and professional. We leave your lawn looking trim, fresh and healthy, every time!

Shrub and Perennial Pruning

We perform seasonally-appropriate pruning to keep your plants looking their best. We can prune to keep plants at the size and shape you want them. We can also prune to treat and prevent disease as well as remove any damaged or unsightly plant material. This includes fruit tree pruning in the winter and any small conifers, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and more. We will keep your hedges and shrubs healthy and looking their best!

Weed Control

Need help getting those weeds under control? We can help! We work with you to find the best method to remove and prevent weeds in your landscape. This can include herbicide application, hand weeding and mulching.

Fertilizer Application

All plants need to be fed on occasion. We apply the correct fertilizer at the correct time to help your trees, shrubs, planting beds and lawn to thrive.

Lime Application

Lime can balance out soil pH and help your lawn become more green and lush. We assess your lawn and soil regularly to determine if lime is needed.

Clean Surfaces

On every visit, we make sure we leave your yard and surrounding areas clean. This includes blowing leaves, bark dust and debris from your driveway, sidewalks and patio.

Leaf Clean-Up and Removal

This service is most needed in the fall, as yards get messier. We rake and dispose of all excess yard debris to leave your yard looking tidy. This service also includes deadheading roses and other flowers as well as trimming back perennials in the fall.

Sprinkler Adjustments

We can work with you to make seasonal adjustments to your automatic sprinkler system. This may include changing the timer and making any necessary repairs to keep your system running efficiently.

Repairing Winter Storm Damage

Whether it’s by ice, snow or wind, winter often takes a toll on the landscape. We can help repair any damage done, including cleaning up fallen debris, trimming broken branches and removing damaged materials.

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