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Watering Tips for a Hot Summer

Jun 2, 2015Landscape Irrigation, Watering Tips

It’s shaping up to be a hot summer. Take care of your landscape this summer while saving water and reducing waste.

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  • Only water your plants in the coolest parts of the day: early morning or evening are the best times. This reduces evaporation and prevents leaf burn.
  • Add mulch around established plants to retain moisture and keep soil temperatures cooler. Mulch acts as insulation and has the added benefit of keeping weeds down.
  • Keep your grass a little longer to keep it greener. Raise the blades on your mower to preserve moisture in your grass.
  • Install a smart irrigation system with weather sensors and timers to make sure that plants get the right amount of water when they need it.
  • Water your plants deeply and less often for healthy roots that retain moisture. This saves water, time and hassle and is good for your plants!

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