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5 Winter Gardening Tips and Tricks

Nov 29, 2018Gardening

5 Winter Gardening Tips and Tricks

Need some winter gardening tips to help your plants thrive this season? We’ve got you covered.

Many people give up on gardening once the cold weather sets in. However, this means they often sacrifice all their hard work, having to start all over again the next year.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of things you can do to help your garden flourish during the winter season.

5 Winter Gardening Tips and Tricks


It’s important to water your garden thoroughly before the first hard frost hits. This will help nourish the plants and protect them. You can also add several inches of ground bark or shredded leaves to the soil, and mulch around the base of tender plants. This will help protect them from the freezing temperatures. Finally, wrap newly-planted shrubs and trees in a layer of burlap that’s been stuffed with insulating material. This will help keep the plant flourishing.

Grow Your Own Food:

Don’t let the winter cold deter you from having a flourishing garden. Plant winter-hardy vegetables such as kale, Swiss chard, arugula, mustard greens, and root crops to help you stay full all winter long.

Add A Pop Of Color:

Brightly colored winter plants can help brighten your garden and lift your spirits all season long. Opt for shrubs like winter hazel, honeysuckle and witch hazel for both color and fragrance.

Invest In Decorative Plants:

Good news – you can decorate your yard just as beautifully as your home for the holiday season! Plants like evergreen and holly provide just the right amount of cheer, and pairing them them with twinkle lights can transform your landscape into a winter wonderland!

Prune The Plants:

In later winter, begin pruning trees and shrubs before they stop their dormancy. Be careful not to prune any early blooming plants until after they flower – otherwise you’ll lose these blooms. Do your research on the best pruning methods for each type of plant in order to get the best results.

Despite our best efforts, the winter season can take a huge toll on our gardens. Debris can fall on our plants, branches can break and fall, and materials can get damaged in the process.

Thankfully, Mountain View Landscapes is here to help return your garden (and the rest of your landscape) back to its former glory. We’ll come and repair the damage done by the harsh season, and will clean up the fallen materials to help it look like new. Contact us today to set up an appointment.


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