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Enhance Your Winter Landscape With These 5 Tips

Dec 16, 2017Landscape Enhancements

Enhance Your Winter Landscape With These 5 Tips

Looking to “spruce up” your winter landscape but aren’t sure how? You’re not alone.

Now that the air has turned frigid and the snow is threatening to fall, many gardeners are beginning to feel a little apprehension about maintaining their landscaping.

After all, the bright colors have all gone (except for the Christmas lights, of course), leaving a dismal white and grey canvas. As a result, many gardeners simply give up this time of year, choosing to wait for spring to clean up their landscape.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much to transform your landscape into a winter wonderland this time of year. With just a few well-placed accents and additions, you can keep your landscape looking festive and beautiful – even through the darkest and dreariest months.

Enhance Your Winter Landscape With These 5 Tips

The Beauty Of The Bark

Just because the trees have lost their leaves doesn’t mean your trees can’t stand out this time of year. Birch trees and dogwoods have gorgeous bark, which can add texture and color to an otherwise boring landscape.

Holiday Holly

Holly is not only festive, but its radiant red berries add a splash of warmth and color during the winter season. Plus, you can add these berries for decoration around the home! Plant holly bushes by the front door or along the walkway to allow visitors to soak in the holiday spirit.

Add The Evergreen

Evergreen trees are the perfect addition to your winter landscape. Not only are there a multitude of varieties and colors to choose from, but they also look absolutely beautiful cloaked in snow. These gorgeous trees will surely become a focal point during the colder months.

Joyful Junipers

Creeping Junipers can add gorgeous greenery to your scenery. These groundcovers are not only winter-hardy, but they also look attractive all year-round. They’re also a smart investment for controlling soil erosion on hillsides. Add creeping junipers in front of your holly bushes to add beauty and depth to your winter landscape.

Natural Ornamentation

Many ornamental grasses are winter-hardy, and provide color and texture to brighten up your winter landscape. Select the type and color that best suits your environment and watch your landscape come to life.

Due to the busyness of the holiday season (not to mention the freezing weather), most people tend to give up on maintaining their landscape during this time of year.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way – you can have a gorgeous landscape all season long, without having to step foot outside!

That’s where Mountain View Landscapes comes in. Our Total Yard Care Package provides us the opportunity to care for your lawn during the harsh winter months, including:

* Mowing and Edging
* Shrub and Perennial Pruning
* Blowing Leaves, Bark Dust & Debris Off The Landscape
* Leaf Cleanup and Removal

Not to mention, we’ll repair any winter damage your landscape may have accrued throughout the season, making it look good as new.

We also offer the following services in the warmer months, allowing you to enjoy your landscape year-round:

* Fertilizer Application
* Lime Application
* Weed Control
* Sprinkler Adjustments

Whether you’re in a residential area or a commercial one, everyone can benefit from utilizing our incredible Total Yard Care Package. Contact us today and we’ll ensure your landscape lives up to its fullest potential, all year-round.


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