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Winter Yard Care Tips

Dec 9, 2016Lawn maintenance

Winter Yard Care Tips

It may surprise you to know that there’s a variety of ways you can take care of your lawn during the cold, blustery winter. In fact, by providing a little extra care this holiday season you can help your plants and lawn grow even more lush and beautiful in the springtime!

Here are a few helpful winter yard care tips that’ll help ensure your landscape flourishes in the spring:

  • Continue Mowing Your Lawn: Mowing your lawn in the wintertime has some surprising benefits. For one, continuously mowing throughout the colder months kills most common winter weeds. Continuous mowing also helps prevent voles (small, mouse-like rodents) from feasting on your lawn.
  • Prune, Trim, and Cut: The winter months are ideal for pruning and trimming perennial plants, shrubs, hedges and trees. Doing this will not only help keep your lawn healthy all winter long, but it will also give you a great opportunity to remove dead tree branches, which can become a hazard in the wind and snow.
  • Finish Raking Your Leaves: It is crucial during the frosty winter months to make sure all leaves are removed from your lawn. Doing so will help prevent mold from growing, and can also stop patches of dead grass from forming.
  • Winterize Your Irrigation Systems: Ensure that your water systems are properly winterized, and that all water spigots are turned off and covered. Doing so will help prevent costly damages.

    We also highly recommend our residential and commercial yard maintenance packages – these valuable services help guarantee your plants, lawn and flowers stay healthy and thriving, no matter how cold the weather gets.

    Contact us today and we’ll insure your irrigation system is winterized; we’ll also help you keep your yard looking beautiful throughout every season!


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